Amplifying Information Technology

In the realm of business IT has evolved over the years, its importance and necessity apparent by the ever changing professional landscape. The passive, break/ fix model grew into what is offered today by traditional managed service providers, however hasn’t progressed to satisfying the demands emerging businesses face in today’s competitive environment. Our perspective on managed IT services differs from the status quo.

Arterian’s collaborative partnership provides your organization with technical guidance and assistance on a human level. From our vantage point, we want to be considered a valuable extension of your business. Our experience, capabilities, and toolset will enable your company to advance and grow, relinquishing all your IT frustrations, and focusing on the productivity of your people… your business.

Additional Solutions

Arterian Consulting Engagements:
Position your business above the competition by fusing technology with business initiatives. Identify solutions that will align the vision and goals of the organization.
Arterian Business Intelligence:
Endorse decisions supported by data and analysis. Segment information so that it can be utilized in the most effective manner.
Arterian Professional Services:
Capitalize on Arterian’s expertise in maintaining and managing your hardware, software, and applications in their entirety as well as how they integrate with overall business productivity.
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Don't jeopardize success by compromising...

Our devotion to customer service combined with extensive industry knowledge will alleviate unnecessary disruptions and obstacles.
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manage service superhero

Meet John: Arterian’s Technology Superhero!

President of the ArteriaNation, John (also known as Jonny Bravo) not only fixes technology issues with the snap of his fingers, but can also provide workstation quotes to clients while juggling fireballs and fighting off Lex Luthor. John lives atop the Castle of Grayskull and is married to Wonder Woman, commuting to the office in their invisible jet. In his spare time John goes skydiving with Spiderman, enjoys listening to JEM and the Holograms, and goes to the gym with the Hulk.

Build a Batcave 50%
Having hair like THOR 50%
Possessing more cats than Cat Woman 90%
I appreciate that John was patient with me!
Karalee Means, Seattle WA
Awesome experience with John. Computer is running so much better. I got lots of great information for next steps to a new computer also. Thanks!
Kathleen Poston, Seattle WA
John was fantastic! I had sent a help msg two days ago, was unexpectedly out of office yesterday….came back to a gillion emails and there I find one from John wanting to know if I still needed help…..but it gets better. When I sent out my sos that yes, help sorely needed, within 10 min he calls and immediately fixes my problem. Now that’s what I call EXCELLENT SERVICE! Thanks very much John, I really appreciate your help and time
Terry Canfield, Seattle WA

Comprehensive IT

Arterian offers a complete suite of services that proactively address your organization’s technology needs.

  • Personal Account Management
  • Patch Implementation and Oversight
  • Online Email Scanning and Continuity
  • Server, Network, and Desktop Monitoring
Our understanding of your business guides the customized continuity strategy we’ll design to meet your specific needs. We’ll look at your operations in detail to determine your workflow, data, and financial requirements. Knowing how long you can afford to be down is the key to cost-effectively managing this risk. You’ll be able to conduct business more reliably with a comprehensive continuity plan in place.
Server monitoring checks for active applications and services and applies policies to monitor those items going forward. Whenever a critical service stops of the server fails to report to our systems, our Network Operating Center (NOC) will verify the issue and immediately notify our engineers.
Arterian supervises the oversight of servers, desktops, and critical network devices such as firewalls or managed switches, ensure optimal output and capability.
Much more than just a “Help Desk.” Arterian’s team of technical engineers provide personal assistance with any technical obstacle that impedes your ability to conduct business.

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