IT Consulting & Infrastructure Projects

We’ll get you ready to move on to the next phase.

Arterian is standing by to help with your next IT project. Every company has a unique life cycle of technology needs. Whether it’s installing a new wireless system, consolidating servers, or migrating to Office 365, Arterian has the expertise you can rely on. Once your infrastructure is on a solid foundation, you can start planning how to use technology as a competitive advantage in your business.

Our experience and expertise covers all types of infrastructure solutions, including internet connectivity, wireless access, local and wide area networks, server virtualization, security solutions, disaster recovery, remote access/mobility solutions, locally hosted Microsoft Exchange, and server deployment.

  • Strategic IT consulting and planning helps determine exactly what your technology requirements are—and what they’ll be in the future.
  • Infrastructure solutions cover everything from internet connectivity and wireless access to configuring local and wide area networks.
  • Security solutions provide you with the most current antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam technologies to keep your networks safe and your people working.
  • Disaster recovery helps assure that your data is available when you need it, even after a crisis.
  • Collaboration and communication solutions such as email, contacts, calendar, and file sharing are the lifeblood of a productive team.
  • Secure remote access and mobility solutions extend the reach of today’s—and tomorrow’s—more flexible and mobile workforce.