Common Quick Fixes

Things You Can Try First

Here are some things you can try for common issue resolution, or to assist us in better determining where the issue is at:

  • Try restarting your computer.
  • Attempt to replicate the problem to ensure it was not an isolated issue.
  • If software related, try other applications to see if they are working.
  • Try accessing the Internet to see if it’s an Internet issue.
  • See if anybody else is having the same issue.
  • Check all network and power connections.

Things We’ll Need to Know

To better assist us in resolving your issue quickly, please provide as much of the following information as possible (where relevant):

  • What exactly is the issue?
  • What were you doing when it occurred?
  • What have you tried to resolve this issue?
  • Is this the first time this has happened? If not, what resolved it last time?
  • Is this issue happening to anybody else?
  • Have you tried restarting your computer?
  • Can you access the Internet?

Help Us Prioritize

Please advise us of the priority of this issue based upon the following:

  • Low Priority – Issues involving adds, moves and changes that do not directly impact your ability to conduct business.
  • Medium Priority – Issues causing work stoppage that you are able to temporarily work around.
  • High Priority – Issues causing complete work stoppage.